Wireless System Consulting

Our partner, the Wireless Consultant Group, is a consulting firm representing the best interest of our clientele in the wireless industry. They are carrier independent and their primary goal is to save you money on their monthly wireless bills as well as remove the pain of having to deal with the upkeep of the account. They are able to take over and handle all aspects of your wireless accounts with the expertise of over 20 years in wireless service. Their main focus is on business accounts with 5 to 5,000 lines of service under the corporate plan.

Offered Services

  • Our Security Management Partners will aid our customers in making sure their policies are compliant as well as giving them a tested solution right out of the gate. WCG offers monthly bill and rate plan analysis and reporting. they will make educated recommendations on the future and outline their corporate plan as well as implement any agreed-upon changes. They will point out trouble areas and eliminate as much overage and additional charges as proactively as possible. If there is a new plan released that they feel will benefit your account, they will notify you of the new plan and implement any agreed-upon changes. Often, just having “eyes” on the bill helps to keep everything in line and costs lower.
  • WCG calls customer service on their behalf if they can’t handle it directly. One email to WCG eliminates all the need to ever be on hold with customer service again.
  • They negotiate and implement volume monthly discounts with the carriers based on your company structure or industry affiliation.
  • They research and present you with solutions customized to the needs of your business from multiple carriers should you decide you need to change your current wireless situation.
  • WCG honors and handles all warranty replacements on all manufacturers’ warranties.
  • They are able to offer full Blackberry implementation and assistance in installation as needed. They partner with a national software reseller who is an authorized Blackberry reseller for discounted BES, CAL’s, and service packages if they cannot find you a carrier-sponsored program to provide these free of charge.
  • In addition to account maintenance, through their partner affiliations, WCG can offer sales of equipment and new/renewal contracts for Verizon Wireless, Sprint/Nextel, and T-Mobile USA. Through these partners, you will get national pricing the same or better than what going through a direct carrier store or Business Rep will offer.
  • A 50% MSRP discount was negotiated on all standard accessories and 25% on all Bluetooth accessories for all of our clients through their equipment partners.
  • WCG negotiated to have the vendor cost on any non-insured, non-eligible replacement phone offered to all of our clients; generally a savings of over the carrier’s “full retail” cost.
  • They have the ability to handle any out-of-warranty replacement on any non-covered repair through various sources to get you discounts even when the carrier says you don’t qualify.
  • They offer small office wireless router solutions for remote offices without reliable access to traditional landline offerings.
  • Repeater and cell boost options are offered to help improve signal in remote locations.
  • Full GPS solutions are available for vehicle fleets separate of phone service.
  • WCG offers Exchange Hosting and BES service with a 100% uptime guarantee for smaller businesses without the infrastructure or capital to invest in Microsoft Exchange on their own.
  • The Wireless Consulting Group is everything wireless; the only interaction you should ever have with your carrier is the payment of the monthly invoice, which we will reduce for you.