Partner Services

Our philosophy from the very beginning was to develop valuable long-term relationships that would benefit both our customers as well as the Diverse Networks offering. Through years of trial and error, we have created a truly diverse network of partnerships second to none in the industry. We are always looking to expand that network in order to expand our value to our clients. When we established these partnerships we kept our main goals for our customers in mind.

We wanted to help our clients:

Increase Revenue

By allowing Diverse Networks to lessen the IT Director’s workload,
he/she can focus on new technologies that will make the company more efficient and
more profitable.

Decrease Expenses

By adding Fixed Wireless and SD-WAN offerings we have given our
clients yet another way to save on their telecommunications expenses.

Minimize Risk

Our Security Management Partners will aid our customers in making
sure their policies are compliant as well as giving them a tested solution right out of the

Our recent additions of Fixed Wireless and Managed IT Services have proved to be a benefit to our SMB and Enterprise level customers.

It is difficult to know if you are getting the best value, and we are able to help give our customers the choices to make the most educated decision, which will insure that value. Each relationship has been time-tested before being introduced into our business so that our customers are guaranteed the same quality and dependability they have been accustomed to through Diverse Networks. Our philosophy for partnering with vendors is based on integrity and reputation, which both equal long-term success for us and our customers. We have put together a network of business professionals to differentiate Diverse Networks, LLC as a complete business resource for our customers.

By partnering with our team we eliminate the “finger-pointing” because accountability begins and ends with Diverse Networks. “Our goal is to gain a customer, not sell a product. Diverse Networks promises to design the most complete telecommunications solution at the best value for your company. If we cannot provide that solution through one of our partners we will help you find it through our extensive network in the industry.”