Network Services Solutions

Diverse Networks provides its customers with a free analysis and auditing of your network services. These services include your local, long-distance, and internet service plans. Our goal is to help you select the most efficient plan for you and your company based on your needs, location, and the available companies servicing your area. In the end, you will be given a total solution that not only provides you with the hardware that your business needs, but also the best-fitting services that run through that hardware.

Network Security Management

Diverse Networks works directly with Thrive Networks for their customer’s security needs.

Mitigate Risk and Enhance Security

Every day a new internet threat or virus emerges to become an imposing menace to your business. Developing, managing, and optimizing the internal systems, tools, and personnel to properly mitigate these risks alone is an overwhelming task for most companies.

Thrive’s Managed Security Platform has been developed from decades of experience troubleshooting, halting, and remediating online security vulnerabilities. Our engineering team works 24x7x365 with the most advanced vendors, software, and systems available to support or augment your organization’s network security demands.

Thrive’s Value Add

Thrive is capable of handling your entire network security, but we frequently partner with existing internal IT and security teams to provide the most efficient solutions.  Working with leading vendors like Fortinet, Cisco, EIQ, Kaseya, Trend, Mimecast, and others, our solutions architects will help you design the most advanced security services, policies, and procedures in the marketplace.  Thrive Security Platform solutions are built using a combination of tools that include:

  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Patch Management
  • Malware Protection
  • Ransomware Prevention
  • Anti-Virus
  • Log Management & SIEM
  • Proactive Monitoring & Threat Prevention
  • Secure Remote Access and more

We also offer one-time project services such as Perimeter Scans, Vulnerability Assessments, Ethical Hacking, Security/Network Design, and more.